For Work

Hello, my name is Özgür, I’m currently a Pharmacy Warehouse Commerical Manager at Perrigo Turkiye.

I am responsible for improve regional strategies in line with global goals and budget tracking, targeting, order/stock/sell-in/sell-on tracking, free goods planning, online/real sales expo preparations, forecast planning, preparing customer reconciliations.

Prior to my current role, I worked as a Pharmacy Sales Manager at Beiersdorf and GlaxoSmithKline where I gained team and warehouse management valuable experience.

Looking ahead, I am eager to continue new improve processes market dynamics and mechanisms effective, simple and understandable. 

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For Life

I have seen 3 continents and 10 countries with my family, but I have bigger dreams.

I have a plan to travel around the world from east to west (starting from Istanbul, flying to Lisbon, then Lima, Hawaii, Brisbane, Kathmandu and Istanbul again). So I will live 1 more day

That is why I am trying to improve my English :) It is not at the level I want yet, but if I reach the B2 level, I will start learning Spanish.

Yes, sometimes you may not have enough money/time but that doesn't matter. If you want, you can find an alternative or complete your preparations.

This whole process doesn't matter, what matters is your health and faith.

In summary, never give up and dont pollute environment 🤟     X Profile

Why should you follow your path? Are you ready to answer this question? In fact, if your ideals and actions are not consistent, you may not be able to answer this question.

Sometimes walking your own path can create fear and conflict with common beliefs. People may be afraid of you, they may not always make you do what they want. Another difficulty is that when you choose your own path, you may encounter resistance from your closest circle as well as from strangers.

The main idea of this short article is actually awareness. If you are not self-aware, you may always feel under pressure and this process can negatively affect you. If you can raise awareness, you can change everything and live the life you want.

Özgür Umut Yılmaz - Apr 10, 2024


Cigarette butts, plastic bottles, chewing gum, plastic bags and all microplastics... Instead of using, wasting and consuming everything madly, we can consume less and support recycling. We can do good to nature and ourselves.

It doesn't matter if it's very creative or not, it just needs to be effective. We shouldn't belittle or scold people who make mistakes while doing this.

In short, we shouldn't be crabby.

Our reaction when a mistake is made is very important. It can make the problem unsolvable or simply solve it.

Content, tone, style, judgment, prejudice, excitement, belief... Yes, our answers are very important.  We can make our world a more livable place or vice versa.

Özgür Umut Yılmaz - May 18, 2024

What does it take to decide? 

Here we are again with a big dilemma :) What does it take to decide? Is it possible to protect what you have and expand the comfort zone

Actually, to answer this question, you need to know your source of motivation. My motivation is usually curiosity. This varies from person to person, for some it may be money, family, status, belief, etc. anything can happen

Whatever the source of motivation, we can achieve this when we achieve the continuity that will nourish it. I would like to end with a quote from Oğuz Atay's book The Disconnected  (Olric Press)

"The walls of my room are empty. How did I live in this house for ten years? Didn't I feel like hanging a picture on the wall one day? What have I done? Nobody warned me. In the end, I became a meaningless person. This is my end. I never hung a picture for fear of hanging a bad picture; “I have never lived with the fear of living badly.

This is a quote from me: "Live in the moment as you feel like"

Özgür Umut Yılmaz - June 08, 2024

If you want to get more information about the book; The Language of the Misfit: On Oğuz Atay’s “The Disconnected”  By Helen Mackreath - Los Angeles Review of Books